Updated versions of scripts

Many of the script versions in Virtualmin Pro are very old, some are not even being supported by the authors (e.g. Advanced Guestbook, Advanced Poll).

The net result is that many of the scripts fail after you install them (e.g do not support PHP 7)
Further, many of them have newer versions which fix identified security flaws.
If we install the versions included with VirtualMin, we potentially expose our webserver to potential security holes (e.g. eXTplorer 2.1.9, which was releasted in Dec 2016, is the latest supported by VirtualMin Pro. However, it has several security flaws which were fixed in 2.1.13, which itself is already more than a year old.)

eXtplorer 2.1.13 has been released

A new version of eXtplorer (v2.1.13) has been released. It’s fixes various security issues
— version 2.1.13 —

  • fixed various security issues reported by Mario Korth: * potential XSS * Arbitrary file read * Path traversal in listing directory contents * Path traversal in archive feature

**When will the scripts included in VirtualMin Pro be updated?
Its pretty frustrating to find a script that we want to use, but then find that the VirtualMin version is years behind the latest versions **

I know that there is an option to install unsupported versions, but often your source does not contain links to the latest version, so we end up having to install it ourselves as an add-on, rather than being able to offer it to customers to install themselves.

e.g eXTplorer 2.1.13 can be found on https://extplorer.net/attachments/download/82/eXtplorer_2.1.13.zip
However, Virtualmin Pro uses the version found on Sourceforge, which stops at 2.1.9

Thanks for the heads up. We have automation for many of the Install Scripts that tells us when new scripts are available, but it fails when the script moves to a new download location and we don’t notice and nobody reports it. (Changes to WordPress would get immediate attention because it is so popular, but eXtplorer just isn’t very popular.

Maybe we should just remove eXtplorer, since we have a better (for most purposes, anyway) file manager in Webmin. What are you using eXtplorer for that the built-in File Manager can’t do?

I’ll be focusing on Install Scripts problems now that most of the major issues caused by the latest round of updates is fixed.

Also, please report when you see an outdated script. If we haven’t updated it, it’s probably because our tools don’t detect there’s a new one. They’re all distributed in wildly different ways, and often change…we can’t keep up with it without some help.

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@designboys Thank you for your suggestions.

This has been fixed with Vitualmin 6.17+.

@designboys Thank you for your suggestions.

This has been fixed with Vitualmin 6.17+.