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My ip has recently changed so I went though updating the change ip on my servers but now all the index pages show only the default apache 2 page. I have run the recheck configuration page and it’s still says my default ip is the one that’s changed “ External IP address for DNS records is set to 172.11, but the detected external address is actually 81.10. This may cause DNS records for Virtualmin domains to point to the wrong system

In the dash Board it shows the correct ip I’m sure this has to be a simple fix but I’m not sure where to start

Even going to what’s my ip shows the correct ip

Hope some one can help

Thanks Paul

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 1.8.40

So all looks ok in Webmin Hardware-Networks Configuration?

P.S. Reading some old post. Try recheck config again.
also found this

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simple bash script would save your issues - write it up run about every 10 minutes and it will take care of your issue…

I can write script for your server however I am £25 per hour perhaps you ask for support from vituamin guys.

Thanks everyone I eventually got it fixed but I feel it should have been easier than I made it look.

@paulies it was my pleasure to work with you on this issue. I would love to work with you again on any other issues you would have (if) on your server in future.

@unborn Thankyou so much much for screen sharing with me and showing me what to do it was very kind of you to put the time and effort it to help out. My server now tells me when my IP updates with more to come.

@unborn topman :+1:

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