Updated Docs for Ubuntu upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS

Hi I keep checking back on the Virtualmin Documentation section here:


About doing LTS upgrades on Ubuntu. I wondered if this section will be updated with the process for 14.04 LTS to 16.04 any time? I would just run the do-realise-upgrade but noticed there are some other steps required in the last lts upgrade in those docs to make Virtualmin work properly.

Thanks for any help or upgrade procedure.

I’ll ping Eric about this one. He’s much more familiar with Ubuntu than I am, and usually does those upgrade docs.

Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah we’ll be updating those docs here shortly. Time keeps getting away from me :slight_smile:

The process does work, though there’s a handful of tweaks that need to be performed afterwards.


Hi thanks that’s great, yeah it was the tweaks that stopped me giving it a try yet until you update the docs. I read the last lts to lts had a few tweaks in there with apache2, so I didn’t want to risk it yet.

Look forward to the upgrade once the docs are there. Thanks again!

Do you have a test server handy? I consider these docs beta quality. They include all the steps I had to perform on my test systems in order to complete an upgrade to 16.04, though they still need more thorough testing before I’d recommend running it on a production system: