Updated A Record, can't access Roundcube webmail

A few months ago we updated the A record for a virtual server to use its new hosting. The DNS is still handled by Virtualmin. Since Roundcube was installed at mydomain.com/roundcube, the webmail is no longer accessible. The Roundcube email setup was an oversight during our host migration.

However, the DNS for the domain still has an MX and SPF record for mail.mydomain.com, and the “mail” A Record points to the old Virtualmin IP.

I’m a little hazy on how Roundcube works and I’m wondering if this update to the mydomain.com A record would have completely broke the domains mail, or just its webmail access? If I setup Roundcube again, will I be able to access emails that were received since the time of migration?

I moved roundcube to a subdomain and was able to get everything working again! From what I understand, Roundcube is only used to access email and not to store it? (aside from caching)

RoundCube is a webmail application, it allows you managing emails in different accounts from browser. It uses a database for essential information about users and configuration and reads/writes emails into /homes folder.

I suggest you setting up SSL connection for Roundcube, and using dovecot_ident plugin for recording IP’s in logs when using it. By default you won’t get IP information in mail logs.

There is a plenty of resources on Internet about RoundCube. It is the best webmail in my opinion.