Updated 2-19-2017 seems to have wrecked DB connections

Hi there,

I had virtualmin running fine with several sites hosted. I logged in today and seen some updates available (about 29), I ran it and noticed a bunch of failed messages (error 24) with the path to some of my sites.

It appears several of the sites with a DB are no longer configured. Not all of them, as one of my WordPress blogs still work. But another does not.

I think it was the ones I’ve set www-data to the owner. The php files would just download unless I set the website configuration to “run as apache owner”.

I probably messed something up doing this. I thought that was the correct way to run some php scripts tho.

Any issues w/ latest update? Did I do something stupid?

If you need any data, just ask and I’ll put up what you want.

Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a cascading failure. We recommend (pretty strongly) that you run things under fcgid (as the domain owner user), but the problems you’re seeing aren’t related to that, at least not in any way I can think of.

It’s also not likely an issue with the most recent update. The changes in this release were pretty specific: Bugfixes, updates the Let’s Encrypt (which did have an issue, fixed in 5.06-2), and PHP-FPM support.

What errors are you getting? When you say “DB no longer configured”, what does that mean? Does it seem like the config file isn’t being read? That’d happen if your site was running as the domain owner, but the file was owned by the Apache user; but also vice-versa. Usually the config file has tighter permissions than the rest of the app, so even if the app runs with incorrect ownership, the config file might not be readable.

You’d want to look in the logs to see why that’s so (error_log in /home/domain/logs, probably).

Anyway, for future reference: If ever you have to manually set file ownership to something weird to make things work, something is wrong with your configuration. Everything should be kinda automatic, if you do things the way Virtualmin is configured to expect them, and you shouldn’t need to think about ownership, permissions, etc. (unless you do everything as root, in which case, you’d obviously need to make everything owned by the right user…but, you should get in the habit of placing files on the server as the owner user that’ll be serving the files).