update to SL6.1 working version?

I am frustrated today.
Upgrading from Centos 5.6 to SL 6.1. Built the OS on a different machine to avoid issues, and then began to try to move things from “old” to “new”
Restore “webmin config” from the webmin menu breaks Virtualmin restores. Puts users and domains in but nothing in the actual folders.
can’t restore virtualmin domain restores from virtualmin without errors cause the webmin/virtualmin settings aren’t there yet.

Could just copy the files over, but that breaks things like the new dovecot config system, and the log rotate things are way way different.

Anyone have a step by step that results in a working server?


You wouldn’t want to copy Webmin settings, as those can be operating system specific.

What should work is to perform restores of your Virtual Server backups, as well as the virtualmin.tar.gz file that’s generated when backing up Virtualmin settings.

Restores of anything generated through the Virtualmin backups (setup in Backup and Restore) should work just fine, those are distribution independent.

Details on doing all that are available in this document here:



on the Virtualmin Backup I foolishly read the top. It says “back up all features”
Now I get it, it really didn’t mean all, just the top part, the 2nd part has to be selected separately.

Funny thing, on the “restore” side, “all features” means all.

Computers can drive you nuts.

Additional note if anyone runs across this.

You MUST “restore” the virtualmin settings first, then the domains. The instructions on the migrate page will not work as written.

Backup the virtualmin settings, restore them, then backup/restore your domains.

Thanks for pointing this out… we’ll look into either making sure that Virtualmin settings are always imported first when there’s a batch of things to restore, or if that won’t work, we’ll modify the instructions to explain that settings should be restored first.


Okay, in the next version of Virtualmin (3.88), it will always process Virtualmin settings before restoring the domains.