Update to Rocky 8 or 9?

OS type and version Centos 7
Webmin version Newest
Virtualmin version Newest
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Hi All,

I know there is going to be a lot of personal preference in the answers, but was just wondering about the opinions of the experienced sys admins here.

I’ve got a server, currently still on CentOS 7
This server is running some websites (mostly wordpress) and email.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade this server to Rocky 8 for a while (upgrade as in backup all virtual servers, install new vps, restore the backups)
Would you still go for this, or just upgrade to Rocky 9 now, or in the near future?

Haven’t had a chance to spin up a Rocky 9 test server yet, but doesn’t seem to be a big difference from 8 apart from newer versions of software.


I don’t know whether Virtualmin supports Rocky 9 yet, but I’m in the process of upgrading servers to Rocky 8. I have a spare server at the moment, so I can do the installation on an idle server and move the accounts over. That practically eliminates downtime.


As Richard says, Rocky 8 seems to be pretty solid. I don’t think I’d mess with 9 as it’s so new it still smells of plastic.

I would also consider Debian 11 or Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 if I were you. They’re all supported and rock solid.

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Rocky 9 is not currently supported, but will be soon. Rocky 8 is currently only supported in the beta installer (which will become stable, as soon as new Webmin and virtual-server module packages are released, I’m waiting for the go-ahead from Ilia and Jamie to roll those out).

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Thanks all, might just go for 8 then. I’ve only been meaning to do this for the last 6 months or so :slight_smile:


FWIW, I’ve been running Virtualmin 7 on Rocky 8 in revenue service for sites that I personally own for… I guess about a month or so. Hiccups have been very few, very minor, and (to my knowledge) fixed.


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