Update to debian 12 bookworm

OS type and version Debian 11
Virtualmin version 7.7

Is it safe to update to Debian 12 with Virtualmin 7.7 ?

It just came out today? I’d have to think there has been no testing on it by the Webmin/Virtualmin staff as of yet? I don’t even update my home machine until a month goes by to make sure all the kinks are found and worked out? A server? No way I’d migrate this early.


Currently … No … there are 1 or 2 small issues still going on

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I see 12 mentioned under the Grade A Supported Systems now, all ready to go?
Edit: I see a few things are still in progress: Q/A Debian 12 known issues - #11 by Ilia

Second question, what is the smart thing to do. I can install a Debian 12 image on my server or go through the 11 → 12 update procedure. For example as described here: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/update-upgrade-debian-11-to-debian-12-bookworm/

A fresh install is fast, but I have to reinstall and reconfigure virtualmin again an restore all websites. The update option seems to be not to complicated, but I’m not sure what I could run into and how Virtualmin will behave with all this.

Any advice?

I see Debian 11 security support already end in 10 month from now (jul 2024).

Debian 12 has a few small issues, but I am sure they will be solved in the next period. I would rely on it instead of Debian 11 and avoid an upgrade, even if it worked for me. Because rsyslog remained in place, for several days I did not even notice the problem related to the missing log files.

From my bookmark, there would be the following issues

  • some missing logs, including mail.log. they will probably be created from the systemd journal. rsyslog does not need to be installed, but we can use it for while.

  • the spamassassin service no longer exists, spamd will be used.

  • there are problems with updating the time in Webmin. also if ntpsec package works in Webmin as replacement for ntp which still can be installed.

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