Update on bug #198

couldn’t figure out how to add a comment to the bug tracker!

I’m awaiting this bug fixed before doing a 100+ domain migration and wondered what was the progress.


FYI, it is not yet possible to comment on someone else’s bug in the Bug Tracker, but Joe is well aware of this problem and is working on it (although I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon).

Regarding[A HRef="http://www.virtualmin.com/bug-tracker/bug?bug_number=198">Bug #198</A>, Jamie implemented this feature in Virtualmin 3.03, at least according to the changelog. So, you should have it already if you are running the latest version, 3.07. As soon as someone tests it and verifies that it works properly, this bug can be marked resolved and closed.


Thanks for that.
It seems that I’m still on 2.99 :frowning:
Better pull my finger out then!!

Hey Dan,

We welcome feedback on this one, as it’s all new, and no one has commented on it yet. So we think it probably works, but we don’t know for sure how it will behave in a large-scale situation.

I believe there’s another bug in cPanel importation that will be fixed by version 3.08, so you might want to wait a bit. I expect I’ll have that in the repo very soon.