Update IP change now no website


My ip changed recently with my isp ip so I have gone into virtual in to update the ip now I think i did right and all looks right but when I try to access a webpage on it I just get the default Ubuntu apache is working fine but no webpage that should be there.

I’m hoping this is something I have over looked and an easy fix could someone help please :kissing_heart:

Thanks Paul

OS type and version 20.04
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

Is this where you changed it?

If so, have you restarted Webmin?


Yes that’s exactly where I change it and I did restart webmin, Emails I send don’t arrive now what have I done :sleepy:

you updated your dns?

Yes all dns updated and working strange to what’s happened I’ll keep messing hopefully I’ll find an answer.

Check your mail logs to see if they hitting the server. Have you used mxtools to verify changes?