Update installation stuck on 'Update Packages'

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Virtualmin version 7.2.gpl-1

I am unable to install the updates. The update process is stuck on

Any pointers?


Just update from the command line and see what’s going wrong.

I am new to using Virtualmin. Can you tell me what commands to run ?

This isn’t Virtualmin or Webmin. Webmin is just providing a GUI over top of the OS-standard package manager. In the case of Ubuntu that is apt (or apt-get) and dpkg. Webmin is not your package manager, it’s just telling you your OS package manager has updates available and offers to run the commands needed to update.

I usually just do apt update followed by apt dist-upgrade every now and then, which is a bit different than what Webmin is doing (Webmin used apt-get install so that it can allow you to unselect some packages to be updated…upgrade and dist-upgrade are all or nothing). You should, of course, look at what it says. Don’t just run commands without thinking, even when somebody on the internet tells you to do it.

I highly recommend you get familiar with your package manager (again, apt and dpkg on Ubuntu). It’s the most important and useful software on just about any server, in terms of security and convenience.

Thanks, that helped. However, now I have a broken installation of Joomla!

That would best be addressed on a Joomla forum.

Alternatively, a new thread in “General Discussion” on this forum would be fine and would get more visibility than dealing with it here. It likely would attract help from people who know more about Joomla than I do (which would include pretty much anyone over the age of six).


We could probably help with Joomla if it’s any sort of PHP-related issue that came from the update. (Though, I’m doubtful an update of any system packages could break Joomla unless OP has installed mod_php, in which case, yes, every system upgrade will break every PHP application.)

But, it should be a new topic. This one is done.

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