Update Error /etc/webmin/virtual-server/collected.

Got the error below when updating virtualmin/webmin… Anybody else seen this? I always keep the system up to date and never had any errors before…

[code:1]Now updating webmin …

  Installing package(s) with command yum -y install webmin ..

  Loading "installonlyn" plugin
  Setting up Install Process
  Setting up repositories
  Reading repository metadata in from local files
  Parsing package install arguments
  Resolving Dependencies
  --> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
  ---> Downloading header for webmin to pack into transaction set.
  ---> Package webmin.noarch 0:1.450-1 set to be updated
  --> Running transaction check

  Dependencies Resolved

   Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size 
   webmin                  noarch     1.450-1          virtualmin-universal   14 M

  Transaction Summary
  Install      0 Package(s)         
  Update       1 Package(s)         
  Remove       0 Package(s)         

  Total download size: 14 M
  Downloading Packages:
  Running Transaction Test
  Finished Transaction Test
  Transaction Test Succeeded
  Running Transaction
  cp: cannot stat `/etc/webmin/virtual-server/collected.lock': No such file or directory


I suspect that’s a harmless message, it may just mean that collectinfo ran during your upgrade, which wouldn’t affect anything.

Is everything else working okay?

Seems to be, I was just concerned. Never seen an error on one of these updates before, should have backed up just before the update but they’ve always been perfect so I just went ahead and did them.

Guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

Thanks for the info.