Update error 404

I have the following update notices:
virtual-server Webmin module Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) New version 3.58.gpl is available
virtual-server-theme Webmin theme Virtualmin Framed Theme New version 5.9 is available

When trying to update using the Virtualmin Package Updates module I am getting an error:
Now updating virtual-server …

  Downloading Webmin module virtual-server ..
  .. failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Now updating virtual-server-theme …

  Downloading Webmin module virtual-server-theme ..
  .. failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Can it be that something is not yet in place for the update? Previously I have been installing updates without problems.

I am running webmin 1.420

It was a mistake – ignore it cause Joe hasn’t made the release yet.

That seems like maybe a misconfiguration in how updates are configured. If your box were querying our repository for updates, you wouldn’t see them listed as being available (because I roll out a day or two after Jamie rolls out to Webmin.com for additional QC testing), but being configured to use Webmin.com for updates should actually be able to upgrade right now, as they have been released there.

I dunno how you’ve got the results you’re seeing.

I got the same error once – so I knew it was a opsy