Update Detected Operating System - What now?

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.09.5
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

Operating system Ubuntu Linux has been upgraded to version 22.04.4.

Can someone give me a bit more information on this feature. I currently can work out that this will update my current Ubuntu OS to the next LTS version but:

  • is this a Linux based upgrade proceedure from Ubuntu or is it a Virtualmin built upgrade script?
  • Should I backup all of my system/client accounts before running this?
  • Is this option pushed immediately as it is available or when the Virtualmin Team deem it a viable upgrade?
  • is it recommended to upgrade to a newer LTS as soon as it is available?
  • How will this affect the default PHP version when I upgrade the OS. I am assuming the default PHP version has been updated to a new version. If required will an additional PHP version be downloaded from the ondre repo to fill the gaps or will I need to add it manually?


Surely? before you do any upgrade you do a backup - just in case. Isn’t that the obvious thing to do. At least you can then restore everything if something changes that you didn’t expect.

This means the os has been upgraded to the next point release clicking the button updates the dashboard display to the new point version rather than the version virtualmin was installed on or the last point version the os was upgraded to

  • so this is not a LTS upgrade, but as you say a point release
  • So do i still need to do any backups
  • will this actual update files, i am guessing it does, otherwise the version number would just update and I would not need to click a button?

I think my point was - when in doubt - to be on the safe side (implement your disaster recovery plan - what does it cost to take a backup? vs what does it cost to NOT take a backup? Why are folk so against general good practice?

True, but being me, I would like to know what the buttons does, it must have more purpose that changing a number on the dashboard.

It will not do that.

It is the “detected Operating System”. You already changed your operating system version, Webmin just noticed that.

Does the button do anything in the background? or literally just update the version number in the dashboard.

Perhaps change it to a notification and the button should be labelled Dismiss as this process should be automatic.

It literally updates the version number in the dashboard. I agree it feels weird to make it a dramatic looking thing.

Edit: Though, I wonder if a major version bump would lead to new config files (the files that determine defaults for the OS) being copied in some cases. I’ll have to check.

Never been caught yet … even in the days before the notice was in place. That said by the time the notice appears on the dashboard it’s a bit late to do backups etc as the point release is already installed and any ‘damage’ would have been done by then so webmin would have to stall a point upgrade warn the user to take any action they deem fit before the upgrade

By the time the notice appears there is nothing to stall. The OS upgrade is done (and Webmin didn’t do it…Webmin never automatically updates anything, you would have had to have approved any upgrades Webmin did…you might also have automatic updates enabled at the OS level, but that’s none of Webmin’s business).

But, minor version updates are just that. They aren’t something to get crazy about. You should have regular known-good backups, of course, but minor updates are not expected to be disruptive.

what happens if you have this set ?

Oh, I guess you can also have it automatically done in Webmin. I didn’t even know that.

But, yeah, it does what it says it does. (But, it’s not the default.)

By clicking this button, you update the Webmin configuration to match the current minor version of the OS. If Webmin has new settings for the updated OS version, these will be added to the config (on the next Webmin upgrade). Changing the OS completely or distro upgrading might cause issues, though it depends.

However, there’s no need to worry in your situation. The Ubuntu updates you’re dealing with are minor and don’t have any major changes that could cause problems. You can click on the link to read the Release Notes for more details about the minor release. Or, just click the ‘submit’ button to update the Webmin config and remove the alert.

however if set, you just get the point update with, as said earlier, with no ‘damage’ to anything running, but if your worried just stall updates that you perceive could be dangerous (point updates) and throw a different notice ?

This just sends emails to admin depending on the settings you pick.

Yes, it certainly won’t do a major version OS upgrade. That requires steps Webmin can’t/won’t do.

I was only mentioning point updates and not major updatdes unless you count point updates as major

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