Unused xmlrpc and remote.cgi

Hello, I don’t have use much on xml-rpc calls and virtualmin remote access. Is it okay to reduce permissions to 600 for now? Will it not conflict with any functionality?

Oof. I realized miniserv uses root access. Lol. My only question now is will removing this cause conflict with any functionality?

That’s fine as long as you aren’t using the remote API. You’ll still be able I use local CLI Virtualmin commands.

But, if you use Cloudmin to manage many Virtualmin instances, you’ll need it.

Thank you! I mostly use CLI anyways.

I didn’t mean to imply the GUI will be affected. It will still work fine, too. It’s just that the CLI and remote API are identical in functionality (slightly different in usage) and share a lot of code, but the CLI doesn’t rely on the remote API being available.