unsupported dictionary type: tcp

Getting the following error in PostFix:

postmap: fatal: unsupported dictionary type: tcp

I searched a lot and got that i need to compile tcp enabled postfix rpm package. But how can i do that in Virtualmin?

Thanks in advance.


Well, recompiling the Postfix version provided by your Linux distribution isn’t simple or recommended.

And that would only be necessary if you’re using the TCP feature within one of the Postfix dictionaries (which wouldn’t be used by default).

Is it possible to do what you’re after a different way – something that doesn’t require using that Postfix TCP feature?


Thanks Eric,
I really need TCP features to work. Can you recommend some alternative?


Well, the only other option would be to find an alternate way to use the feature you’re trying to use in Postfix. For example, maybe there’s another daemon of some sort that provides similar functionality that can work with Postfix.

If that’s not the case, and you do require the TCP functions in Postfix – I would recommend downloading the source RPM for your distribution, and modifying it to compile Postfix with the functionality that you require.

Then, once you made those changes, you could build and install a new RPM for your system.

But, that’s a difficult and maintenance intensive task, if there’s anything at all that you could do to go about this another way, I would recommend it :slight_smile:


I found a tutorial which may be of use…