Unpacking not working


I can’t unpack a simple archive with your panel

It’s possible???

I wait 10 minutes to finish, and I have done it several times. He doesn’t want to unpack.


I have no clue why exactly it’s not working for you, only speculations.

It works for me on all of my 10 servers. Is there a way I could login and take a look?

There is no way to log in.
I canceled your panel.

Perhaps you must, have more attention with this panel.

Good day

Have you been logged in as root (Master Administrator) or server owner. Did you use Webmin or Usermin? Did you have chroot enabled? At which particular folder you were trying unzip it? Was it a folder under some user’s home?

I have given it more tests under all possible configurations. Unpack feature is just working for me.

The reason why it might not work, is permissions. For example, if you create a dir as one user and try to upload and extract as the other - however, still, you would get permission error. The other possible reason that you don’t have unzip binaries installed or being on the path but again, you wouldn’t even be able to see the extract entry on drop-down menu.

It’s always forth providing some description of the problem. It’s unclear how you are getting it not to work. It’s quite a common feature to use - unpack. If it didn’t work, I’d have been reported it already.

Did you see any errors on the browser’s console.