Unknown Redirect on a Sub-Domain

OS type and version Debian 12
Virtualmin version 7.10.0.gpl-1 (for now)

i have a blank server with 3 TL-Domains. So far so good. Now i added a Subdomain to one of them and
i see no errors and VirtualMin is a fresh install. The browser loads, but gets redirected to “localhost:5002//”, the top ddomains are working as expected. Did some1 have a suggestion or solution to stop that behaviour?


Are you using Apache or Nginx? You can review any of your domain’s configuration in Webmin » Servers » Webserver » Edit configuration files » Edit config file (select here your subdomain).

I am using Apache. The configurations for HTTP and HTTPS are free of redirectors to “localhost:5002”. ther are only the default entries of “webmail.domain.com” and “admin.domain.com”.

Are your DNS settings correct? Check your problematic subdomain: https://dnschecker.org/

If this still does not help, go to Virtualmin » Edit Virtual Server – here disable and enable again your Apache website option. Just make sure you did not modify your configuration file manually because you will lose custom changes.

as far i can see, the dns looks correct (defaults after installation) and disable and reenable the Apache Website Option dont changed something

If everything looks good, then your main domain overwrites something for your subdomain. Or your script sends a redirect, not Apache.

This might be helpful to figure out: https://securityheaders.com/

i will take a deeper look into that and setup server and virtualmin from scratch. answer later what happened.

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