Unix user lampadm1 # should be an actual Unix user does not exist!

OS type and version RHEL8.7
Webmin version webmin-2.021-1

after updating the OS and the webmin today, my lampadm1 user could not open “file manager”, instead, it got the error message as those in this topic.

I noticed that the /etc/webmin/filemin/lampadm1.acl was changed and it only contains one line “nocinfig=1” , then I manually added the followings:

work_as_user=lampadm1 # should be an actual Unix user
allowed_paths=/home/lampadm1 # should be an actual Unix user home

That ended up lampadm1 cannot use “file manager”. Retarting webmin or httpd service did resolve this

The unix account info:

10:36 AM root@hhvapplampp03:~ # id lampadm1
uid=1013(lampadm1) gid=1008(lampadm1) groups=1008(lampadm1)
10:37 AM root@hhvapplampp03:~ # grep adm1 /etc/passwd

10:38 AM root@hhvapplampp03:~ # ll /home/lampadm1 -d
drwxr-x— 22 lampadm1 lampadm1 4096 May 16 09:07 /home/lampadm1

by removing those characters after the # sign, the problem was resolved!

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