Unix socket support for php-fpm is BACK!

in reading a bug report somewhere, another person mentioned unix sockets for php-fpm …

and in my first upgrade (done yesterday) from 6.16 to 6.17 … ITS BACK … under System Settings – Server Templates ---- PHP Options … at the bottom is a new config item

FPM server connection
x default
x TCP port
x Unix socket file

THIS IS HUGE !!! as I believe socket support was withdrawn awhile ago !!

I am shocked a bit that the re-introduction of unix sockets was not highlighted in the release notes or other announcements.

But … I cannot see how to adjust, using the GUI, an individual existing virtual server/domain to change it from tcp port to socket. I certainly can manually edit httpd.conf and get it to work, as well as adjusting the php-fpm domain specific config file, but was hoping VirtualMin could do it for me.

For me and my on-going issues with SELinux (mostly solved BTW), moving from ports to sockets for php-fpm may solve some networking/port permission issues :slight_smile:

THANKS for bringing it back !!

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in looking further, noticed this line from the 6.16 changelog post

PHP-FPM using socket files instead of TCP ports is now fully supported, using the modify-web API command

so … I tried it on my new 6.17 system with

virtualmin modify-web --domain verne-no-write.com --php-fpm-socket

and … it worked … well, it TRIED to work but stumbled on a SELinux violation … I just submitted a patch on GITHUB to move from using /var/php-fpm/ to /var/run/php-fpm/ as SELinux already has a rule for the longer path name.

and with my patch applied locally, I now can modify an existing virtual server and switch back and forth –

virtualmin modify-web --domain verne-no-write.com --php-fpm-socket
virtualmin modify-web --domain verne-no-write.com --php-fpm-port
virtualmin modify-web --domain verne-no-write.com --php-fpm-socket

as often as I need to !!

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I’m trying to use the Unix php-fpm feature but am running into troubles with permissions and systemctl restart resetting ownership of the socket file to root:root.

What is the Github patch that you’re referring to?

My suggested patch, which has yet to be accepted, was to change the LOCATION of the socket file.

where the heck are these socket files supposed to exist?

on a debian 10 system, virtualmin seems to put them in /var/php-fpm/1644…sock

but the 502 bad gateway nginx error I’m getting seems to be because /etc/php/8.0/fpm/pool.d/www.conf says:
listen = /run/php/php8.0-fpm.sock

but when I list /run/php/, php8.0-fpm doesn’t exist, only a link php-fpm.sock (which doesn’t seem end up linking to the socket at /var/php-fpm/1644…sock

link /var/run/php-fpm.sock → link /etc/alternatives/php-fpm.sock → /run/php/php8.0-fpm.sock

I guess I could try creating a symbolic link to /var/php-fpm/1644…sock for /run/php/php8.0-fpm.sock???

Nope, can’t get php8.0-fpm service to start, so there’s no current /var/php-fpm/1644…sock

have you run into another such mis-synchronization of links to sockets? or this a misconfiguration in the way I set up Virtualmin server templates?

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