Uninstall virtualmin and revert to webmin

So here’s my story :

I got a new vps and setup webmin. All worked fine. I added a couple of zones on (bind) and a few websites on apache

then I learned about virtualmin.

Upon seeing the instructions to add virtualmin on top of webmin I started and was successful in setting up virtualmin over webmin.

Fast forward a few days later I am not sure if virtualmin is right for my few sites and dns zone.

I would like to remove virtualmin and go back to webmin.

What is the best way to Uninstall virtualmin and revert to webmin? I can’t use the auto script as I manually upgraded webmin to virtualmin.

Any help is appreciated.

Mods: Please delete this thread. I actually reset my server and did a fresh VirtualMin install


Well, for future reference (or for others with a similar issue) – Virtualmin is just a Webmin module. So what you could do is just change the theme to use a Webmin theme, rather than the Virtualmin theme.

While it’s possible to delete the Virtualmin module, just switching back to purely Webmin should do the trick.


Ahh, I see it now. what happens to any domains / virtual servers which I created via virtualmin?


Changing your theme wouldn’t affect any of your domains or Virtual Servers.

Those would still be setup in Apache.

If you wanted to remove those, the easiest way to do that would be to delete them using Virtualmin prior to changing the theme.