unexpected server error

My server with ubuntu 8.04 and virtualmin gpl was working great, then this morning, suddenly, some errors: for example it couldnt more write php session, then i tried to access via ssh and i cant do any command, system error: “read-only” mode for every my command.
So i restarted my server, and everything was ok.
But why have happened this? every day i check mem and cpu usage, freespace etc… everything was good.

Then, after reboot i’ve had to do “chmod 755 /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd” as 1st time installation, otherwise smtp authentication doesnt work. Why have i to do this every time i reboot ?

Thanks for attention :smiley:


If your server crashes there may be a hardware failure or power issue.
In such a case I had once a RAM issue.
Also check your logs, often it will reveil some errors.

there are more threads with solutions about the saslauthd on debian systems. Dont know exactly where but there is a search button :slight_smile: