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Hi All,
I have been using virtualmin for quite some time and have come across an issue with one of the sites I have set up shop.vortex-digital.co.uk.

I have installed a fresh wordpress at top level as I normally do however no matter what it just says the below

If you put http://shop.vortex-digital.co.uk/sample-page/ it loads fine (This is basic brand new installation) and works with any slug on the website.
I have deleted the virtual server and set it up again to have the same happen again.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this.

Did you delete the “index.html” file?

I have deleted it and yet no change whatsoever which I was suprised to see. I put it back in as there was no change (I cleared the cache in my browser to make sure)

Weird. I don’t have these default landing pages in my installation of Virtualmin, so they must be something new.

I note that when I load /index.php it redirects back to the bare URL. Is index.php a standard Wordpress index.php?

My thoughts exactly. I believe it is as I created the virtual server and immediately installed wordpress using the script intstaller.

I created a new virtual server under a different subdomain of another domain I own and it does the same so is likely an issue across my entire server with new websites.

How are these landing pages created? Are files copied from /etc/skel to home/USER/public_html? Or is some other more complicated magic used?

The default landing pages are a new feature. They can easily be removed by deleting index.html. The reason they load first before the index.php is because of the DirectoryIndex directive.

That was what I suggested, but @vortex.support said that deleting the index.html file didn’t fix the problem. :man_shrugging:

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