Under Construction index.html replacing index.php in custom skel directory

Weird issue that I believe started after most recent update (v6.10).

I have a skel directory containing just an non-configured version of Wordpress. When creating a new virtual server with this server template, it works fine except for two strange things.

index.php is missing. index.html (the under construction page) is present.

I’ve fixed the individual installs by removing index.html and adding a copy of WP’s index.php.

Any thoughts on why this could be happening?


Custom /etc/skel will be respected in Virtualmin 6.11+. You can manually install it from webmin.com repo or wait for it to appear in Virtualmin repos in couple of days.


I’ve installed 6.11 but my custom skel directory is still being created with the index.html “coming soon” page.

Hm, this should not be happening. Can you try manually restarting Webmin by running:


… and trying creating new virtual server again? What is the distro and version is that?


I’ve restarted Webmin and the behavior is the same. One improvement since the last version is that it is not removing index.php from my skel directory, but it is still adding index.html.

Webmin: 1.954
Virtualmin: 6.11
Ubuntu Linux 16.04.2

Oh, perhaps your /etc/skel/public_html doesn’t have default index.html file in it? If that’s the problem, and you want your PHP index to be read first, you may need to check default DirectoryIndex directive for Apache, which is also configurable from templates.

Thank you, this was indeed the issue: index.html was defined before index.php in the Apache section of the template.

Some feedback: I like to have the index.html as a higher priority for when a quick (optional) coming soon page is needed. It’s a bit inconvenient for the Virtualmin html file to be added automatically for custom skel directories.

Anyway, thanks for the help, and keep up the great work!

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