Unable tp recieve emails

getting email bounc back with error : : can’t create user output file
any idea how to fix it… i have nver used emails on this server before…
quota is fine…


I see this is the second posting regarding the same issue. Please refrain from double posting to get attention. I’m sorry if what has been offered is not solving your problem, but it is most definitely abusive to post a second post just to get attention as it doesn’t help your cause in any way.

I’ve seen your other post, but have not had any time to look into it as I’m working on paid contracts ATM, but if I do get some time perhaps I’ll be able to offer further insight on things.

Without going into great detail, generally what your error is saying is it cannot write to disk, which means there is a permissions issue, quota issue, or similar. Personally, I’d have to look into your system to get a better idea and perhaps shed some light on what’s going on. So, either you can pay for the support (not a requirement) or if I get some free time we can chat more and see what can be figured out.


sure will keep in mind… its my first time posting here…

Disk quota for test-.co.in has been reached.
procmail: Program failure (73) of “/etc/webmin/virtual-server/lookup-domain.pl”
From iisiness@gmail.com Wed Dec 22 03:37:09 2021
Subject: dd
Folder: /dev/null 2679
Time:1640124429 From:iisiness@gmail.com To:test@
.co.in User:test-*****.co…in Size:2680 Dest:/dev/null Mode:None

i hav chcked quota in vitual server its has 10 gb n only 400 mb is used,

what should be the permsion ?

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