Unable to send mail to gmail from Virtualmin using Usermin

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.4
Webmin version: 1.984
Usermin version: 1.834
Virtualmin version: 6.17-3

I am unable to send emails to gmail. I am sending the emails through Usermin, by making an email account on Virtualmin. I am able to send and receive emails between virtual servers made on Virtualmin, but whenever I try to send the email my gmail account, it get’s queued up in the Postfix Mail Queue. I am fairly new to mail servers, so any help will be appreciated.

See Need help about DKIM concept & setup - #2 by calport

Thank you for that! I did that, and it is still not working. My outgoing mail is still getting stuck in Mail Queue.

Most likely your provider is blocking port 25. Where is your server hosted?

It’s not hosted right now. I working through the ubuntu on the virtual machine, on my computer.

You’ve got the answer right there then.
Most residential ISPs block port 25 (like a lot of cloud providers also starting to do by default) to prevent abuse.
Contact them to see if there’s any chance of lifting the block or send through a relay.

Follow advice from @toreskev, if ISP can’t unblock as most block port 25. You may be able to use 465 and 587. Would have been nice to see the above in original query as it would have explained everything as to why you have this problem.

I doubt they’ll just lift the block for a single resident.

I see. I’ll try 465 and 587. Thank you for your advice!

Just know that you won’t be able to send mails to other MTAs using different ports than 25, as this is the default MTA <-> MTA communication port.

If you’re interested, you are welcome to try out my mail relay service which I’m planning/hoping to launch shortly™, free of charge of course.
Just drop me a PM if you want.

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