Unable to retrieve my website online

Hello everyone and thank you in advance!

I cannot retrieve my website from the Internet. Here is what I have tried thus far:

1- Go to the DHCP and reserve an internal IP for the server.

2- Upon installing Virtualmin I give ns1.website1.top as FQDN. Then I create a virtual host and name it the same FQDN.

3- On my domain’s DNS tab on my registar, I give my external IPv4 to 2 type-A records: 1 domain record and 1 subdomain record.

4- Wait for 24 hours, but there are no results.

5- Deleting the A-Type records and creating AAAA-Type records pointing to the server’s IPv6 I get on ip addr. And I added the shared IPv6 address. to the virtual host. But there were no results after 24 hours.

6- I have deleted the AAAA records and set up the A records again. I can ping and dig the server, but I cannot retrieve the webpage.

I am now out of ideas.

Have you configured the firewall to allow traffic on ports 80 and 443? I refer to the VPS / NOC / router firewall, not the firewall configured via Virtualmin.

I did yesterday before you wrote. It took me two weeks of tinkering and reading before finding out … and literally a fer minutes after I do it comes your answer. That was it though … thanks anyway :laughing: :heart:

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