Unable to reboot after update of kernel

**OS type and version:**Ubuntu 20.04
**Webmin version:**1.9871
**Virtualmin version:**6.17-3
Related products version:

I had almost ended my migration to Ubuntu 20.04 server. Almost all sites there when I saw there were Updates to install in Virtualmin.
Kernel updates.
I have installed them and Virtualmin told me to reboot to finish the installation.
I have done it and now I can’t reboot my dedicated server anymore.

It doesn’t boot. My provider put it in Rescue Mode, I can access the filesystem but I don’t know what I can do :frowning:
Can you help me please ? what should i do to boot again ?

Was reboot working before kernel updates?

If yes ask your hoster or read their help how with rescue mode switch back to that kernel used before.

Can’t help you further while no knowledge hoster and ubuntu

I must admit I had not rebooted with this server. So I can’t confirm it was better before … It was the first reboot after all installations …
Is there a way to debug the boot from the filesystem ? I have logged in rescue mode, mounted the drives and looked at /var/log but nothing special appear there …

I edited my post can’t help sorry.

License Virtualmin, then aks support / ticket!

If enough time start again a option?

Then very important all OS related updates do them before installing Virtualmin and also do a full reboot after those before installing virtualmin!

Also reboot after setup virtualmin and host, before doing other settings / servers and sites

Aks your hoster for backups, are there backups on and from server?

Is your old box centos6 still in production and online?

If yes then look for the replys you did get on other problems / questions you asked here on forum,
Joe replied for example somethinhg about OS change why not centos8 or so…

If you have to start again a migration, maybe a extra one / vps for the time between that you are stuck try a centos8 OS.

Don’t delete this one before you are 100% sure nothing helps and before you have working backups of evrything you need.

update about this problem : I have looked at the logs with the Rescue server and it seems the server is ok and running but not connected to the network … It may not be a Kernel issue but just a network connection issue. It boots and the syslog shows all the boot actions but with boot errors.

Yes, next time I’ll reboot quickly after just installing OS, then Virtualmin, then sites … I’m silly

CentOS6 is still up but only a few sites are remaining on it. I’m making restores to get back the good ones.

Yes I have seen Joe’s talking about CentOS 8 but I felt I was almost ok on this Ubuntu and the worst part was done. I have backups of the migrated sites on my Ubuntu but I would love to be able to restart it instead of reinstalling everything from these backups …

I’m now looking at what I could change to make the network work again :frowning:
I had issues of stability and put the static ip instead of DHCP in the Network Interface. The issue is probably linked to that

Sometimes hosters are at a boot replacing some network related files to default ones.

you have to protect them against overwriting if that is the case

( resolv… is one that is done often)

We generally aren’t able to help much with operating system issues like this. We don’t maintain the kernel or the bootloader or any other core OS service, and it isn’t our core competency (these kinds of problems happen to us, too, and I have to google my way out of these kinds of problems just like everybody else). We try to give good guidance as best we can, but there are limits to how much core system administration we can do for customers (or GPL users).

You’ll need to get eyes on the situation. Anything we’d say would be guessing.

If your provider offers a virtual console so you can watch the system booting, you can see what goes wrong and where and maybe get something to google. You may need to hit <tab> or <esc> to get the boot splash screen out of the way, so you can see the errors.

Ok Fair i understand the point.

If Network then also lot of times Hoster specific things their platform and and.

thanks for your help and your answers,
I think I made a mistake when configuring network information. It was before the reboot for kernel upgrade and I had not rebooted then.
I have access to the virtual console and a rescue mode and I’ve seen that the server was rebooting but was not on the network. An issue of gateway I presume. I decided I had no time to try and configure that and reinstalled the server taking a good full backup of sites.
It worked fine and I managed to configure network correctly. All backups were loaded correctly (for the moment, only 2 remaining) and most of the sites are running fine.
Virtualmin is really really nice and i could not have done such a quick reinstall of all sites without the perfect backup/restore tools
Thanks again


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