Unable to reach site after fresh install on Amazon Lightsail


Just installed VirtualMin on a fresh CentOS7 on a Amazon Lightsail $10 per month instance.

Just did the installation and when it suggests to complete the configuration wizard at https://mydomain.com:10000 I just get a Site cannot be reached - took too long to respond error page.

Im trying to set up a new LightSail instance to move a VirtualMin installation from EC2 to LightSail. If I configure it with a basic setup I should be able to just import a backup I’ve created through the backend on my original instance correct?

Can you ping / access the server itself?


Hello @StephenORH and welcome to the community.

Lightsail has a firewall which can be accessed via the Lightsail control panel. You must open ports 10000 and 20000 (among others) in this firewall to be able to access Virtualmin.

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I can open the SSH terminal via LightSail, but I’m more used to working in Amazon Linux or Bitnami instances, this is my first time admining a CentOS or VirtualMin instance

You are a true blue genius @calport !

That was exactly right! I must remember to verify the firewall rules going forward on new instances.

I was just convinced I had done something wrong as it was my first time with this OS and system

I’m glad I could be of help, @StephenORH. The following is a screenshot of my AWS Lightsail firewall configuration, with ports open for POP3, SMTP, IMAP, DNS, SSH and MySQL, in case it helps anyone.

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