Unable to login to Postgresql 10.17 on CentOS 8 from a Perl App

I am unable to login/use postgresql 10.17 in a Mojolicious App in CentOS 8 VPS on Linode.com

I am able to login to postgresql as upmanager with psql on cmdline.

This very same app works perfectly fine on a raspberry pi on home public IP behind NAT i!!

App setup details:
Mojo App : http://userpassmanager:33333 with proxy to URL https://u.userpassmanager.com (
Perl: 5.026003
Mojolicious: 9>22
Apache: 2.4.37

What am i missing??

OS type and version: CentOS 8.4.2105
Webmin version: REQUIRED
Virtualmin version: REQUIRED
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

We need to see the actual error. I’m guessing maybe there’s a difference of opinion about the hostname of the user logging in, maybe? I don’t really know much about how users and permissions and authentication work in PostgreSQL.

I am not seeing any error at all. The login screen (from my app) does appear but when i used user/pass from postgresql db, it does nothing.

Here is the link for the same app on a raspberry pi behind NAT that works just fine: https://up.userpassmanager.com

This mojo app can be accessed in multiple ways: http://userpassmanager.com:33333 or https://u.userpassmanager.com or https://userpassmanager.com:33334. I hope that clears the hostname confusion. (u.userpassmanager.com is just proxy to userpassmanager.com:33333)

I am also able to login to virtualmin as upmanager and edit/manage postgresql database upmanager; But not in my Mojolicious app.

I think it has much to do with user/database/table/host permissions with PostgreSQL which you also alluded to. I hope someone with deeper PostgreSQL knowledge would help me with it.

I am asking it here because I am trying it on Centos8 with Virtualmin ( same source code works just fine in the Raspberry Pi).

Never mind. Nothing wrong with any configs.

With all the servers/services running on the VPS, 8 GB RAM is not sufficient to run the PostgreSQL server I think!!!

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