Unable to log into server after adding external IP address

I tried adding another IP to my system, so that I can host DNS, added it as a virtual interface under my main interface.

after rebooting I cant access SSH on my primary (old) IP, and can access SSH on the new IP, but my password does not work on it.

I really need some help, I cant log into my server or anything

what did I do wrong? would love help,


Well, we can help, but you’ll have to tell us exactly what steps you took while adding that other IP address :slight_smile:

Normally, adding a new address wouldn’t cause an old one to stop working. And it certainly shouldn’t prevent your password from working.

So it sounds like something unusual is going on :slight_smile:

Also, what distro/version are you using? And do you have access to the hardware? That is, if you can’t remotely access your server, the only way to fix it is logging in at the console.


Thanks alot for the quick reply.
turns out it was a problem with the hosting provider.

just for the record, could you please tell me what is the corrent way to add an IP address?
I did it from webmin.

Networking -> Network Interfaces -> Eth0 -> Add virtual interface

and added the new IP.

so whats the correct way?

Yup, your way will work just fine.

An alternative is that if you’re using Virtualmin, and you’re looking to setup one particular Virtual Server with that new IP address, you could go into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.