Unable to load php extension on a virtual server

Hi Community,

I’ve stumbled this morning on a strange behavior:

  • I wanted to install a new tool on a fresh subserver.
  • The tool requires curl extension.
  • I’ve checked the selected PHP version (is 7.4.3) and updated the corresponding subserver/etc/php7.4/php/ini file by uncommenting the extension=curl line.
  • I’ve reloaded the config and restarted Apache.
  • A phpinfo() command shows no curl extension is running. Search for “curl” only leads to the Credits infos…

Obviously, the tool still complains about the missing curl extension, so I just don’t get how to have it loaded! Ashamed of my dummy condition… :smile:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi there!

Just adding some information to the case above:

  • php -m returns “curl is active”

So the mystery darkens… I’ll dig a bit into the tool’s forum as well…

Thanks for your attention!