Unable to install package (Authorization Required)


I’m trying to install a virtualmin package (wbm-virtualmin-git) and get this error message:
http://software.virtualmin.com/rhel/5/i386/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 401: Authorization Required (and so on until there are no more mirrors to try)

Also when I try to update I get a lot of such errors for different other packages.

Is there a problem with the virtualmin servers or is something wrong on my end?

I just had my pro license renewed. Does it have something to do with that maybe?


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It does sound like it may be an issue with your license… take a peek at this URL:


Does that show up as being active?


Hi Eric

Yes, the license is active. I had it just renewed, 30 minutes or so ago.

  • Ivan

OK, its working again :slight_smile:


Well, there’s cases in the renewal process where the renewal for a license may need to be manually applied. If it shows up as active on that screen though, you should be good.

Chances are you’re just waiting on the process that re-enables your login information on the Virtualmin server. I can’t recall if that runs once an hour or once a day.

So, it should be fine tomorrow. It might be fine in an hour :slight_smile:

If you’re hoping to begin the process sooner than that – you can always give a shout in the support tracker using the Support link above, and they can manually re-add your login information to the software repository.