Unable to Create Packages In Blesta From My Virtualmin Installation

I have a VPS with VirtualMin GPL panel set up on it. I have tried to create packages that clients can order from my Blesta installation with no luck. I inserted my VirtualMin credentials into Blesta correctly but try as i would, the Virtualmin Plan and Virtual Template options fails to provide any options.

Refer to the 2 screenshots attached.

Please note that my Blesta and Virualmin installations on different IPs. Also note that the Virtualmin is the GPL version not pro. Not sure if that info is relevant.

Please help!
Screenshot (24)

I have been down that pathway with Blesta and Virtualmin before.
For me, after dozens of hours and dozens of supports requests and complaints, i gave up and changed to whmcs.
Blesta is like flogging a dead horse!

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