Unable to Create New Virtual Servers Except for Aliases After Migrating cPanel Site

OS type and version Rocky 8.7
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3 Pro

Basically the title. I migrated a cPanel site into Virtualmin, and could no longer create top-level virtual servers or subservers. I deleted the new site, and then I could. I re-migrated it, and then I couldn’t.

All the quotas are set to unlimited, and the server is using about 15 percent of its storage. The newly-migrated site is about 6GB.


Your migration is creating the site?

Indeed. And it worked. But it wouldn’t allow me to create new servers (and still won’t).

I should mention that I migrated another cPanel site in about a week ago, with no issues. So whatever happened, happened since then.

Maybe a bug then.

Could have been a problem with the migration file, too. Although I did make two of them, with the same result.

It sounds like you’re out of domains.

One thing that trips up folks coming from cPanel pretty often is that there is no such thing as a “subdomain” in Virtualmin. All sites that have different web content are a new top-level domain or a sub-server (which is not like a subdomain in cPanel), and consumes one of the licensed domains…so, if you migrated a domain with 50 “subdomains” in cPanel, and you have a Virtualmin license for 50 domains, you’re out of domains on the license.

There is no limit to aliases; aliases do not provide different website content, so they do not consume a licensed domain.

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Ah, okay. Thanks. That’s easy enough to fix.

Now I have to work on the symlinks…


Okay, I upgraded the license. How do I get it to reflect on the server?

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Re-check Virtualmin license in the dashboard.

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I fixed the symlink issue, too, so the Web site is live now. I still have the old server handing the mail. That one will be upgraded as soon as I figure out the best way to do it. It will be handling only mail, but I have to extract it from the cPanel backup without losing any.


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