Unable to create a specific domain name record!


I encounter a very strange issue. I edited the domain name records in a virtualdomain account of one of my customers and then suddenly noticed that resolution of that domain was down ! At first I thought I made a mistake in records file but bind test was succesful and even checking it could not find anything wrong. I then started to clean the file and recreate records one by one and then noticed that virtualmin doesn’t want to properly recreate a specific record (xxx.yyyyyy.fr while all the others of thet domain are working fine).
The weirdo is that:
→ if I create the record using the web interface of virtualmin it accepts to create the record but it doesn’t show up in Virtualmin page listing all records of domain but it shows up in file itself if I select manual edition (but the record is not working in bind !)
→ if I create the record straight in manual edition of virtualmin, it saves properly the file but no showup in gui interface neither working in bind :frowning:

I’m quite confused by the problem there :frowning: any ideas ?? Webmin and Virtualmin and Bind/named are up-to-date :wink:

PS: The open Ticket Support in Virtualmin is not working, getting a 403 error when trying to send the ticket :wink:

Thanks, best,


OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 1.834
Related packages Bind/named up to date

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