Unable to Connect to Hostname:10000, but can connect to SERVERIP:10000

This is a freshly new install on a Digital Ocean Droplet.

It is installed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

The installed address is HTTPS://MAIL.HOSTNAME.COM/
Mail is the real subdomain.

When I connect to the SERVERIP:PORT, the page states “Website Enabled. Powered by Virtualmin”.

The DNS provider is Cloudflare.
I have already added a new ‘A’ record for MAIL pointing to Server IP Address where Virtualmin resides.

Please advise! Thanks!

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Virtualmin version 7.3

If you’re using CF proxy, it won’t work as they don’t proxy port 10000.
Turn off the orange cloud and it should work.

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Dont use mail as hostname. Virtualmin uses mail.domain.tld so if you use it as hostname, it might conflict.

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You must change ports from webmin. Cloudflare only support 443, 2053, 2083, 2087, 2096, 8443 ports for HTTPS. Do not forget to open ports from csf configuration.

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Is CSF available on the Virtualmin/Webmin dashboard?

I don’t know about Ubuntu, but it’s not installed by default on RHEL-like Linuxes. It’s easy to install, however.

Once it’s installed, there is a Webmin module for CSF that can be installed, making it easily accessible through Webmin > System.


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