Unable to access one of my virtual server sites from inside my network?

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04

So, if you go to https://homeassistant.jongriffith.com, I’m sure you’ll see what’s supposed to be there.

What would prevent me from being able to view this site from inside of the network that the host machine is on? It’s the only one of all of the virtual servers on this box that won’t load in my browser when connected on the same local network as Apache…??? Stumped.

I get a connection refused error.

Probably your router can’t do that. Most consumer routers can’t.

You can probably access it on the private IP the server; the one on your local network. You can either setup DNS zones, or simpler, add the domains with the private IP to your hosts file.

I don’t have a consumer router. I’m running a static IP through a Unifi USG with a 24-Port PoE Unifi switch with Ubuntu 20.04 running Webmin/Virtualmin.

I can access ALL of the other virtual hosts from my MacBook which is on the same subnet ( as the server. I have a top level domain (jongriffith.com) and about 6 sub-domains, all of which I can access from (which is my laptop.) The server running apache is at which is port forwarded from the USG on 80/443 for public access.

Something about this virtual host is bonkers.

Google USG & hairpin NAT.
It seems there is a ton of problems related to that.
I know from my 10 years of dealing with Ubiquiti that they have some strange bugs every now and then where something that has been working since for ever suddenly stops working after an update.

I dunno anything about routers these days, it just sounds like a super common problem with running servers on a private network with two way NAT. It comes up every few weeks, and the only answer I can give that reliably results in “it works” is “use the private IP when you’re on the private network”. I can’t fix the router, but I can tell you the workaround I know.

Not sure how to utilize the private IP to access individual virtual hosts. If I access the host’s ip address I get the first alphabetical virtual host on the system and nothing else. How does one enter https:///virtualwebsite and get the right information?

Put it in your client machines /etc/hosts file. Or wherever the hosts file is on Windows, if you’re using Windows. Or setup BIND zones (but that’s way overkill unless you have a bunch of users on the local network).

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It’s very strange. I created an entirely new virtual host and moved all of the site’s files to that public_html folder and it works. I don’t see a difference between the two as far as config. Something about the word “homeassistant” … who knows.

Joe, I figured it out. I have a VM running on Proxmox that serves as my home automation server which has a hostname of homeassistant.jongriffith.com.

Virtualmin, on a separate box, has a virtual server called https://homeassistant.jongriffith.com.

I simply changed the DNS lookup settings on my NIC to point to my name server instead of the Unifi USG.

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