Unable to access CSF firewall after CSF update today


My CSF module was updated to the latest CSF version(9.20) today and upon going to access the CSF module in Webmin, CSF shows for a second or two and then the browser is redirected to the busy circle icon.

Any info on this would be great. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I was able to quickly see the error that caused the redirection in Firebug and I believe it said something to do with: /unauthenticated/css/styles…
I have the latest Authentic Theme 18.10


Same problem here. Using the latest Authentic Theme 18.10
Change theme fix the problem.
Any idea to fix it in this theme?

+1 - same here!

+1 - Also the exact same problem.

Same here, the issue started when Authentic theme was upgraded and not on CSF update

I am still experiencing the problem, but I figured out how to access CSF module in the meantime. Right click over the link for CSF and select ‘Open in new tab’ or Window but I did new tab. It should open and work allowing access.

Thanks for that!

Ctrl-click opens csf in a new tab and that works fine for me.

Thanks for the tip!! :slight_smile:

Welcome! :slight_smile: Hopefully soon we won’t have to do that and just able to go to CSF like before whenever the issue is fixed.

Welcome! :slight_smile: Hopefully soon this will be resolved. If there is a way to resolve this, hopefully someone will post on how to.