UDP 53 not opened (Centos 6 and Virtualmin)


i have installed a brand new server on Centos 6 with Virtualmin.
I’m not a good linux guy but everything runs smoothly.

The only issue i have is that my server must act as a ns but when i do a check, the registrar says that the UDP 53 port is not opened.

How can i do that on the server through virtualmin (or not) ?
I have no firewall started, i think it’s just a BIND configuration isn’t it ?



Well, Virtualmin doesn’t setup a firewall by default, so something else might be blocking that.

Are you by chance running behind a NAT router?

If so, you’d need to make sure that port 53 UDP was being forwarded from your router to your server.

Also, what output do you get if you run this command:

netstat -an | grep :53


thanks for your answer.
i don’t know why, the port 53 was not allowed for any server in BIND configuration

fixed now
it works great, thanks