Ubuntu server 8.04 and Virualmin GPL?

Can somebody shed some light on the recommended install procedure for this combination?

I have a machine I will be doing a fresh install of 8.04 upon, and I want to deploy Virtualmin there as well.


not sure why people choose ubuntu but here is a thread about it

It is the distribution I know the best, tends to have very up to date packages, has a large collection of packages available in the default sources, and has proven to be reliable in my experience. The default server install is nicely minimalist.

8.04 is the LTS release, so it will be supported for many years, a la RHEL or CentOS.

Thanks for the link, but it isn’t clear if that article is referring to the GPL, Pro, or both. Are there differences in which distributions are supported?



Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is fine. Ubuntu hasn’t been as popular as CentOS or Debian, but we support it, and it is considered a Grade A supported OS.

The recommended installation procedure is the same for all supported distributions, and for both Professional and GPL. It is documented here:


There is a difference in the supported platforms between GPL and Professional, but Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is supported on both. You can always find out exactly what is and isn’t supported/recommended on our OS Support page here:


Thanks, Joe!

I wrote a how-to handbook at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1197883
It covers installing Virtualmin, Webmin & Usermin on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS. It’s for absolute beginners.