Ubuntu 24.04 LTS support

Freshly installed OS.

Installation script obviously fails with unsupported version.

Where is an update to the install script on the roadmap?

OS type and version Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
Webmin version N/A
Virtualmin version N/A
Related packages SUGGESTED

Not to speak for the staff, but, I think there is at least several weeks needed, if not more, just going from past posts.

I’d think the latest Ubuntu LTS would be high priority though. Nobody likes to upgrade an OS on a working server.


I have been working today on it, and almost finished adding Ubuntu 24.04 support. I will run more tests, and I think later today will tag new releases in related repos. Joe will later just need to roll it out to the users.


Y’all need to calm down. 24.04 just came out less than two days ago!


Hi Guys, Just want to confirm if the new Ubuntu OS will be supported?


What does say ?

Geez, stop being sooo pushy…

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Hey, yes! It will!

Joe just needs to run more tests on his side (I presume) and then push the updates out. Everything is ready on my side.

I’m not, i would never use a new version until at least the first point version and how you can say someone is being by asking if a certain OS will be supported is also pushy

Because the team already said that they’re working on. In this very thread.

That is exactly what I pointed out

Not a member of ‘the team’ but I think it is safe to assume all Ubuntu LTS releases will be supported in the foreseeable future.

Every time someone asks, I’m pushing it back another day.


Hey is this out yet … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry Joe I just couldn’t help it … The inner arsehole in me just had to


You guys are doing great and your work is much appreciated!

Thank you!


Sorry asking about that but, Any update ?

that’s another day added to the delay.

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No update for you :slight_smile:


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Using raspberry pi 5, and waiting this update about last 3 months. :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe you didn’t see this?