Ubuntu 18.04 High memory usage

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04
Webmin version 1.999
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

Hi, my sever has 4G ram and only hosts a few small websites that don’t have many visitors, but almost always on the dashboard it shows 100% memory usage, as the screenshot below shows.

Here is the result of free -m:

And this is the screenshot after I click the big red circle that shows 100% memory usage:

What I don’t understand is, from this screenshot the memory usage seems to be OK because it says there is 1.92G free. But when I add the listed numbers together, it is close to 3.85G. So my memory is indeed running out and this can be confirmed by the fact that the Mysql server keeps being shut down and from time to time my WP site reports memory allocate failure error. So I can’t just ignore this problem.

I have around 10 Joomla/Wordpress websites hosted in this server, they are all for testing or staging purpose so there aren’t many visitors. And my sites are all very normal, without any fancy stuff. So I can’t think of what could be causing this problem. The only thing I notice from the screenshot above is mysqld eats up 800M memory.

Can someone help me with this? I am really losing faith in virtualmin/webmin, I bought this server for learning purpose but it turns out to be quite hard and time-consuming to deal with server issues, might
as well just go back to using shared hosting.

Swap memory is 100%. Real memory is 51%, which looks normal.

some tips :

  • you’re using 2 php-cgi versions. try switching to one php version + fpm.4G system is not that much for a full virtualmin system.

  • lower the virtualmin/authentic theme stats sync intervals…

  • cleanup/remove services you don’t need

  • might want to check what is using swap mem / change swappiness value.

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