Ubuntu 16.04

Hi, please make it works under Ubuntu 16.04


Yup! Virtualmin will support all the Ubuntu LTS releases. We’ll have support for that out on or shortly after the release date.


okay thats soon.

16.04 is out, update please :slight_smile:

Yes an update on this would be great. I need to order another server soon and would prefer to start with 16.04 on it. Thanks for working on adding this support guys!


We’re finalizing Ubuntu 16.04 support as we speak, it’ll be out very soon!

I’d like to say it’ll be out later today, but that might be pushing it… very likely this weekend though.


@andreychek: Thank you so much! Will it be possible to easily migrate Ubuntu Linux 14.04.x systems to 16.04?


When you say migrate – do you mean move your domains from one server to another? Or are you referring to upgrading a given server to a new distro?

You’ll be able to do both, though each comes with their own benefits and drawbacks. Migration instructions, along with upgrade instructions of previous distros, are available here (upgrade instructions for 16.04 are on their way):


@andreychek: Yes, I want to try upgrading Ubuntu 14.04.x in place to the 16.04 distro. I’ll wait til you post a tutorial!

Hi there, yesterday installed 16.04 on new vps. After that I ran the classic install lines and got errors.
Question is:
When the right 16.04 install package will ne released, do I need to take action in deleting things on the server or do I simply rerun the classic lines and install?
Or will it be best to rerun the fresh ubuntu installation again? And install on a clean system?

Once Virtualmin support for Ubuntu 16.04 is release, it should be no problem to re-run the installer on your server. Though note that you’ll want to re-download the installer to get the latest version of it.

We’re working hard on support for it over the weekend, and it’s almost ready – some of those changes included changes to the install.sh file.


Also wating to support 16.04, wil is be ready today ? I am a little impatient :slight_smile:

I have to change my server and transfer all my websites before end of current month. So I’d lilek to pur ubuntu 16.04 and get time to put some corrections to the web sites for PHP7.
But if not released in one or two days, I will have to go back to ubuntu 14.04 and PHP5.

Thanks for your answer. I already deleted the local install package.
I want to thank you guys for the great work and the great product.

It’s almost ready, we’ll be making an announcement soon!

This all ended up taking slightly longer than I had hoped. I didn’t think we were going to need a new Virtualmin release to support it, we had things working properly a few weeks ago. But it looks like some changes occurred since that time that require an update within Virtualmin itself.

Which is no problem, it just takes a tad longer.

We’re in the process of preparing a new release now that corrects those issues.

If all goes well and we don’t discover any showstopping issues, that will go out tonight.

That all works out though, as there were a few outstanding Virtualmin bugs (unrelated to this new Ubuntu release) that I was really eager to see fixed :slight_smile:

Note that I don’t have upgrade instructions written up yet. Since this took a little longer than expected I didn’t end up with time to handle that. But those will be here soon too (that said, note that Ubuntu recommends not performing upgrades until 16.04.1 comes along in a few months).


Awesome, I didn’t expect a release that early working with Ubuntu 16.04 :slight_smile:

Bring it up boy :smiley:

Sorry guys, it looks like some personal things got in the way and made it so we couldn’t get the release finished up tonight. The code is ready it’s just a matter of packaging it up and getting it into the repository.

I’ve apparently been wrong before as far as times and dates go, but I can’t see why this won’t occur on Monday :slight_smile:


Okay, just as I was about to go to bed, I was told that Virtualmin 5.02, the one needed for Ubuntu 16.04 to work, was being built and put into the repo.

We’re not going to put out an official announcement tonight, but just between you and me, if you see that version in the repo – just re-download the install.sh script (it’ll be version 1.1.4), and that should be all you need in order to run Virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04 :slight_smile:


The official announcement will be going out tomorrow (Monday).