Two Factor Authentication Problem

Hello Guys,

for my Installation of Virtualmin, I had enabled Webmin Two Factor Authentication using Google authenticator. Later on I decided to disable the TFA, I logged into Webmin and disabled it. Now when I open the login page, it only shows me username and password field.
but when I enter the login data and press login, it returns Two Factor Authentication Error and won’t let me login.

of course I can login to computer through desktop and SSH but not anymore through Webmin, how can I solve it, please Help
… … …Image here:

Nailed It, I mean got it done. Here is how Warning: It worked for me, may work for others, but you are responsible for your actions, good idea to make a back up of file before you edit it

in Terminal
sudo /etc/webmin/miniserv.users
change the line:
root:x::::::::0:0:totp:VTOPCKT4VWUT5LUF: to root:x::::::::0:0::VTOPCKT4VWUT5LUF:, in short just remove totp (instead of root it can be other username as well, you just got to remove totp in that line). save the file and restart webmin service
sudo service webmin restart

and now you can login without TFA problem.