Tutorial on setting up my virtualmin gpl server to send only mail

hi guys,
i am struggling with this…i have very little experience with mail servers.

  1. I installed virtualmin gpl using the installer script on an Ubuntu 16 instance on google cloud compute.
  2. I am not using Bind…all of my dns records at at the registrar for <mydomain.com>
  3. My hostname_fqdn is: server3.<mydomain.com>
  4. I have setup and A record at my registrar: mail.<mydomain.com>
  5. Txt record at registrar : <mydomain.com TXT 3600 “v=spf1 a mx a:<mydomain.com> ip4: ip4:my-external-ip-address ?all”

I have no clue what to do next…the tutorials i have looked at seem to either use bind dns, or not go through the process of configuring a webmin/virtualmin server to send emails. I am not wanting to receive any on this server…only send.

What i have at present is a system with 9 emails on it sitting in a que in Postfix Mail Server, not being delivered and i am not sure why?

I need to start the process of getting mail working from scratch. Can someone help out with a really simple to follow guide based on my above requirements please?

I need some information on registrar zone records, my webmin system setup, and installing and configuring postfix, sendmail, dovecot (whichever is the easiest place for a mail server newbie to start).


Drop me a line, and we can setup a screen sharing session to get you up to speed.

G’day Peter,
thank you for your offer. I have a few other tasks that i am doing for the next 3 or 4 weeks which are taking up most of my time (i also own an 8 Ton truck, a bobcat and mini excavator, and am also building a shipping container granny flat at home as well). My time is a little short.

I may take you up on that offer if i havent resolved this once my other work is done.

My questions are seemingly from an out of control setup, however, that is not exactly the case. I am experimenting and whenever i stumble across issues, i like to know why they happen, and exactly what the process is for fixing them. Unfortunately, i come from a family influence (my late grandfather) who was of the philosophy that “if it aint broke, break it and then figure out how to fix it” (so i tend to tinker a lot…i think that makes me a far more knowledgeable person)

Essentially i have given myself a timeline of getting a final stable webhosting solution completed by the end of January, so im not in any rush just yet (and also why my questions are so very broad and fragmented). AS i narrow down my final solution my questions hopefully will be far more concise.


Sounds like a crazy good time over there :slight_smile:

Something a lot of folks have expressed to me over the past few years is, while teaching them how to accomplish what they were ultimately after, they learned a lot more which made the session(s) worth while.

I teach you what you want to know, and show you a few things you should know about running a properly tuned mail server.

Drop me a line when your schedule has cleared up, and we’ll book a session or two to get you up and running.