Tune Apache for better uploading/downloading

VirtualMin 6.15
Debian 10 / apache

Hi there…

well I have virtualmin with 2-3 sites… running smooth… but not use all the speed - i think…

With ssh … at server side speedtest cli -->> gives about ~240Mbit upload and download… a good speed i think… ~200Mbytes upload and download
But when i am trying to download a file from this server i get 1.7Mbytes/sec at max… - it will be better if had at least 3Mbytes/sec - where can i change that is there a config file for apache or something ?

The sametime at my server was no other client…

The other thing that i saw slowing the server is ofcourse SSL/TLS… is there a tip there ?

And the last thing i wanna ask - as i know apache default settings has limit ~160 clients / sec —> can this change at least double… what will be the requirement at system-hardwre ?

My server is 6vcores XEON/8GB RAM/ssd 100GB…

Thanks in advance…
Hope my questions help other users too

hi, there is not much you can do if your network is 1gib it would give you your limits.

regards apache upload and download speeds, yes you can limit that but I found easier for huge files like 1GIB+ to just create torrent file for file and limit download or upload speed there… on apache youre looking for whole site to be limited like subserver or whole whebsite - if you have more then 2 clients to download - use torrent, within 10kbs they will download faster then actually from your apache if downloading 2 at the same time - also it will safe your load resources on your server. - just dont do it, its not worth it.

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@unborn Thanks for your answer

but when i mean for apache limits - mean that have by default limits ? … and how can i change them and where ?

I understand for the resources will be used… but from example i want the 1,6MB/sec to be 2,8~3MB/sec - i am not having big files… the biggest is about 30-40mbytes :slight_smile: — I think there is a big gap between 1,6MB - 20MB…

but a little push to better download/upload speeds will help…

Hi, no those are not global it’s for per-say per virtual host or virtual server. I’ve done this in past to limit the speed of iso files for https downloads. I thought you want to slow down Apache download speed. Basically you can set up subserver (sub domain) and edit configs for that subdomain to limit download speed. You won’t be able to increase it as without any limitations in place is what you can get in pure raw link served by Apache.

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I understand… Thank you !

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