Trying to get Gandi registrar running.

I tried to get Gandi registrar running
but when I run the "Add Registrar Account"

I get this error:

Failed to save account : 500 SSL negotiation failed:

I have rgistered at Gandi and have my Gandi "handle" and password.

Any idea why this is ?

I tried it again today and I get this message:

"Failed to save account : invalid value for password [incorrect password]"

The password I use is the same that I used when I access my Gandi
login. The very same copy and paste. So is there a bug in the interface ?

Any one got experience with this ?

So are you using the Virtualmin registrar plugin for that?

I haven’t actually used that plugin before, but in a quick glance through the docs, I don’t see anything that stands out as a way to resolve the issue you’re seeing.

So, I’d recommend filing a bug report, perhaps Jamie will know what the issue there is :slight_smile: