Trying to escape the grasp of 1&1


My name is Joseph Stacklin, and I run my own company, blog, and YouTube channel. Recently I stumbled across Webmin and thought it looked childish, however I am willing to try it. That being said, let us talk about my use scenario and I hope that someone can assist me somehow. Also: the following is a HYPOTHETICAL situation and isn’t locked into place, however I would love any ideas that the community may have.

Scenario: I am currently buying webhosting service from a company known as 1&1, however I would love to save money, so I am deciding on getting a server, then installing Vmware vCloud (Free) on it to partition it into two servers: A home data server (NAS)/YouTube upload machine and the server for my websites. For both the sites that I will be importing, I am using WordPress (latest reversion) with their gloriously confusing MySQL databases and custom HTML coding (I hate them but they work right, so I don’t question it). On one of the sites, there will be a secure database (SSL) connection through the new SSL CA: Let’s Encrypt.

Problem: I currently have multiple DB’s thanks to 1&1’s click and build system. So how can I have the sites separate, however make them work on the same server? Or will I need to create another virtual server in Vmware? Also: Will the free 'min tools help? And how can I use them to my advantage to get the most out of the transition? Or am I completely and utterly screwed and just need to hand out my fat cash every year and hope I can write it off next year for taxes?



It’s no problem to have multiple sites, or multiple databases.

You can create a new database for one of your domains by going into Edit Databases, and adding a new one there.

You can also have multiple sites, just by creating more than one Virtual Server. You can have multiple domains all sharing the same IP address.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!