Trying to call named based websites from inside Lan

Hello, I recently placed my Linux webserver inside a dmz. Things are fine. I am using virtualmin pro to run the websites. What I discovered is that I cannot access the webserver from inside the Lan. I can however access the websites outside the Lan with no problem. I did research and found that that a solution would be to call the webserver on a different port, like 8080.

Also, I can call the ip address of the webserver from inside the Lan and one of the websites comes up in the browser. I can’t get the other sites to come up in the browser. The webserver is named-based with one static IP.

Yeah, the issue is that your external IP address doesn’t work from inside the LAN. So you query a domain name from your server, and the DNS gives you the external IP address – but your internal computer isn’t able to get there, it needs an internal address.

I’m not sure that using an alternate port will help you out much there.

The key would be to setup something like BIND views – which has the DNS server deliver the external address when talking to external clients, and delivers the websites internal address when talking to clients on the LAN.

If you’re dealing with a small number of domains that you want to get to, a simpler setup would be to just hard code the IP addresses in your hosts (or lmhosts) file on your desktop… so whenever you go to your domain, your desktop doesn’t even do a DNS lookup, it automatically goes to the server’s internal IP address.


Eric Thank You. You have answered my problem. For now I chose the second version of the solution.

Thank You again!